Saturday, June 22, 2013

Now we received a free position...

Hi there!

So this is quite funny.... First, these Profit Clicking guys told us that only new members would benefit from a free position when joining Ad Click Xpress; this was the same when we migrated our accounts from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking. Today, I logged into my Ad Click Xpress account to find a message telling that I could activate a free position to start earning money with that. I did and I viewed my 6 ads.
Now I'm waiting for the Premium Profit Shift to be completed in Profit Clicking. I checked a few minutes ago to find that something has happened in the"My Premium Profit Shift"
Strange is that these details are for the 04/29/2013 ?!?!? I don't get it....


  1. Hi. I got excited a couple of months ago because Profit Clicking actually sent some money to my Payza. Not much, but I had really hoped that it was the start of something great.

    Well, now I'm back to thinking we were all scammed "again". lol And now this - moving us around. I have heard about some members being contacted by the FBI. I don't know if it's true or not, but that could be why they are changing sites ... again.

    I, for one, no longer trust them. It's obvious by now that they are trying to do away with all of the old money they owe people -- even premium money.

    1. Hello Paula,

      yes, we are being fooled; sad but true :(

  2. 1. Juan, shal i move to ACX system, i only have about $55 in my PC account (when in reality should be close to $830 or higher due to repurchases&profits being made, i dont want to join, if they cant give my money back, no point, i cant be bothered to view ads,,, as i am still waiting to recoup my losses (as a optimist i will get back)?

    2. also how many people lots money in basic system of PC, was it millions (not every-1 upgraded to premium)?

    1. Aly, there is no point in not migrating your account as PC will most likely be discontinued soon. I would be haapy if the members whithout earnings would get a refund ;)

      I put $240 in basic and $50 in premium but there are people who really put huge amounts in both of them!!

  3. hey Juan i got a new mail today...

    Subject: Very Time-Sensitive Message From Frederick Mann Regarding Your Account

    I'm sending this letter to those who have
    worked alongside with me and my team. We
    have led millions of people into financial
    abundance using revolutionary financial
    business models. During the course of
    helping people make money online it becomes
    necessary to grow with technology and invent
    more efficient products, services and systems
    to adapt to growing trends.

    The systems that I have developed have created
    millionaires from average people. Success is
    not just for the top recruiters or the already
    successful individuals. I have created my
    success by helping people make money with
    ease. During the course of business I have
    created companies, licenced concepts and sold
    organizations. In all successes there are
    obstacles to overcome and failures to learn

    As many of you are aware I sold JustBeenPaid!
    to a Group who set up
    Recently I was asked to review the current
    operations of the organization and found the
    company to have challenges that has harmed
    members and the business model I developed
    to run indefinitely.

    I am now involved in creating a solution to
    the many challenges facing Profit Clicking,
    however, while this plan is being developed
    I want to offer a temporary solution for all
    members. After selling JustBeenPaid! I had
    planned on retiring, however, my heart has
    always been aligned with helping people make
    money online. I came out of retirement to
    help build a new system known as

    After I designed JustBeenPaid! I saw it help
    millions of members financially. This type
    of growth identified some areas that needed
    improvement to help even more people find

    I advocate multiple streams of income.
    While a strategy is being developed to
    address the challenges facing Profit
    Clicking, members should apply the multiple
    streams of income concept. JustBeenPaid!
    ran with amazing success as it grew to the
    pinnacle of online moneymaking opportunities.

    Clickpaid is the system quickly overtaking
    the success of JustBeenPaid! because it's
    very simple and people can earn within 60
    seconds from the time they join.

    Some may have concerns about having an
    experience similar to what is happening in
    Profit Clicking. I need everyone to know
    these issues are a management problem not
    a system problem. My systems have run
    successfully as long as I have operated
    them. The Clickpaid owners are committed
    to making the system the future of online
    opportunities and a top notch advertising
    solution for companies to grow their

    Clickpaid is ready to commit to helping you
    develop success. I am going to help Profit
    Clicking resolve the challenges they are
    experiencing and while I support them, you
    can start making money now with
    They will start you with your first $10.00.

    Profit Clicking Members are
    being notified level by level
    about ClickPaid and its success.

    Your direct referrals will be
    notified by the Profit Clicking
    system in about three days.

    So you need to do the following now:

    1) Sign up for Click Paid

    FIRST, by contacting your sponsor in
    Profit Clicking to get the URL they
    are using in Click Paid.


    Note: normally, they should have already
    e-mailed you to sign up under them in
    Click Paid.


    by using the URL below

    2) Then e-mail your referrals in
    Profit Clicking, providing them
    with your own Click Paid URL

    Feel free to use any text above
    to formulate your own E-mail.

    Do this BEFORE your referrals get
    the next message going out from
    Profit Clicking and sign up under
    someone else in Click Paid.


    Frederick Mann

    P.S. You can earn in less than 60
    seconds! Click - View - PAID!

    They are telling us to move from profit clicking to click paid...

    1. Hello, is this your real sponsor in PC?

    2. Yes, I did receive the same email yesterday night...

    3. What these guys are doing with us ??? :(

  4. HI juan ,
    yesterday live chat system dead ......... what's happening they have to no answers to our problems .....!!!! they say 24-48 hours withdrawal be ready .... after say coming soon ........... when is that coming date ??? bla bla bla........

    1. If you are talking about the Profit Clicking live chat, forget it. PC will be discontinued and will slowely but surely stop working.

  5. Big joke.. Frederick now trying to move us from pc to clickpaid..

  6. 1. Juan are you saying i should migrate to ACX, as PC will shut downsoon (even though they have not given our money back, shall i do the migration shift)

    2. also will passwords, and user-interface be all the same?

    1. Hello Aly.
      1. Yes, migrate.
      2. Yes. your account details will be the same and user i terface is a out the same.

  7. did I not say that profticlicking would bring out a new system and the same as premium 10-20% from basic money i said they would do that and i predicted right they did the same as they did with premium well lets just wait and see what happens

    1. Yes you did :)
      Still no news about what is going to happen with premium...

  8. i migrated to ACX today

    i got a email from frederick, he states:

    'I advocate multiple streams of income.
    While a strategy is being developed to
    address the challenges facing Profit
    Clicking, members should apply the multiple
    streams of income concept. JustBeenPaid!
    ran with amazing success as it grew to the
    pinnacle of online moneymaking opportunities'

    hope he gives back what we owe

    1. he states on the email something about, i don't understand i thought new system was, whats this clickpaid, a 3rd website?

    2. i assume theres no point even logging into that, same hype as other systems?

    1. Hello Aly,

      clickpaid is the other opportunity Mr. FM opened a few months back even thouhg he was supposed to be retired :P. Concept is the same as Profit Clicking and Ad Click Xpress. I also joined in the early stages but haven't yet put any money in it. I have a dedicated blog for that one, too, but as I'm nit working with thatopportunity I've not updated that blog for some time now.....