Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hi there!

We have not heard any news from Profit Clicking for some time now. Yesterday and today my premium earnings have not been added to my account and I've not been able to withdraw any money from it for months. Basic is under maintenance for weeks with no way to purchase nor withdraw.
But today something interesting happened:
An online contact send me an email through FaceBook regarding changes that are going to happen in/with Profit Clicking. He asked me not to share it as it was supposed to be some king of confidential... but I found the same email posted in a forum and a reader posted in a comment in my last post so ... what the hell... Here it goes again ;) :

WOW!! Time certainly has flown since our
last update, and Profit Clicking is now in the
state of transition we previously announced.
This paradigm shift will produce positive
outcomes like spectacular upgrades in benefits
and services to the entire membership. We
know that you, and your referrals, are anxious
for the inside information and updates, and
how it will affect your Profit Clicking business,
that only our VIPs receive before the general

Rest assured, your VIP status is honored here
with the first of many VIP updates:

As advised by Fredrick Mann, Profit Clicking (PC)
was to be acquired by a new entity, with new
management. The acquisition of Profit Clicking
by the group, AD CLICK XPRESS has taken place,
meaning big changes in the works.

The new company, AD CLICK XPRESS (ACX), has
retained Fredrick Mann as a Corporate Consultant,
to assure members the transition will be as smooth
as possible. ACX has agreed, per Frederick's direction,
to honor the Profit Clicking member accounts, and
all accounts will be transitioned, with their wallets,
to the new company system. ACX will use the FM
"indefinitely sustainable" patented system.

The "basic" system wallet balance, "ad pack" balance
and "panel" balance situation has been reversed, and
the new system will reflect all correct balances.

The Premium Program will be integrated into ACX
shortly after it launches - stay tuned for more
information about that.

ACX is providing a far superior system to the PC
system. We've gone to great lengths to make ACX
as compliant as possible in as many jurisdictions
as possible.

We are aware of the anticipation for new information
that you, and your referrals, have. We can also
answer your number #1 question right now:

"When withdrawals will resume?"

ACX assures us the withdrawal/deposit portals
will be open almost immediately. There are some
IT issues involved in getting the processors
connected to the new system and the IT team is
working around the clock to get those issues
resolved in a timely manner.

Your benefits as a VIP will be outlined in detail in
the next week. Until then, let's look forward to
our future growth together.

Finally, expect to be redirected to the new site
within the next 24-48 hours.


So what is this all about? And why haven't I received this email? What is a VIP member in Profit Clicking?
So we are going to experience with Profit Clicking now the same situation we experienced almost a year ago with Just Been Paid? And who are those Ad Click Xpress?... I googled them and found nothing. I wrote in my browser and a blank site came up so they are working on it...
Wonder when we are going to get any info about this...


  1. Good questions,but who will answer??? Since now,nobody or almost nobody didn't know there are VIP members in PC...I wonder what other surprises can we expect...

    1. I really never heard anything about VIP's. I'm really wodering....

    2. Hi Juan:

      Thanks for your info. Since my PC account got blocked way back in April 2013 (and still blocked for no reason!), I don't get any emails from PC.

      Anyways, I appreciate all your PC updates.

      Regarding that "VIP" status ... it may be all those Global Representatives in PC ... just my thoughts.



    3. Hi there Glenn... you're welcome ;)

      Could be... I have to tell that I thought about becomming a Global Representative last time they announced they had open spots just to check if I could take money out and then do nothing else :P... lol

    4. Hi Juan:

      Yeah, I thought of applying for that Global Rep thing, but decided against it. And what I read below on another comment, it appears as if PC terminated a number of Global Reps. So the VIP status in PC is still a mystery to me. Oh well ... I guess we'll see how this who PC to ACX move will turn out.

      Take care,


  2. hahah
    another story from pc
    i dnt think pc or acx will be in a situation to operate.
    in my opinion they should give all members some amount only to purchase some ad packs. and make it smooth

    1. lol... that would be great! As I already wrote in a post that I would be very happy if they just shut down and refund the members with negative balances ;)

  3. F Mann is allover.he is the main cheater.
    We expreinced lot.Nobody want fell into trap.

  4. Same old song

    probably they just need some new money as they didt earlier when JustBeenPaid became ProfitClicking

    because when JBP was so good as dead, PC came in.. PC stopped paying the Premium Packs came in... but with bad reputation about PC all over the Internet

    new money won't come in... so they must change the name of the company

    ofcourse the make everytime promisses about withdraws
    because that is the ONLY reason people will login

    and they need it that people login regularly because of their Alexa ranking

    people in Pakistan, India, Russia, etc wont invest any many with bad Alexa Ranking..

    1. This is interesting...
      I don't like to tell something about a business that has not been released yet but the thing I know for sure as that I'm not going to put any money into it... for sure; No matter what Alexa Rank we are talking about :P

    2. I am Indian, I am investing only with help of alexa. Here after i won't invest new money in ACX.

      It seems Basic PC funds are not eligible to buy ad packs in ACX. Basic funds help to improve traffic. for 600Visitor it cost 10$. I started a blog a month ago. I am having near by 20-40 visitors every day. I won't buy traffic pack. My blog is ..... I will hit 600 Visits with in one month. I never spend 10$ for ACX. ACX also have Q,Bucket. i am saying this up to my knowledge.

    3. Well, I don't think Alexa can tell much about a site that has just launched... We will see what happens in a few days/weeks ;)
      20-40 visitors per day is a great result :) Keep it up ;)

  5. I think more BS, they are buying time and trying to cover their tracks, I will be very surprised if anything happens, VIP members do not exist and they sacked most of their Global Reps 10 weeks ago, the one I use to talk with here in Australia said he got removed because he spoke english, if you check the list of global reps you will see none in english speaking countries unless they speak another language, why dump the english speaking reps? the support staff hardly speak english that makes sense, I think that one day we will wake and the PC Web Site will be Gone, I think the VIP thing is being spread by PC to keep interest until their death :-)

  6. Hi, this is news form ANC.pls watch this they say that no SEC license to PC and seven investment companies. They warn us to don't invest for these companies. What will happen to us.without this license will they release AD CLICK XPRESS ? god bless us ............ !

  7. I have received this email. I do not know whether it is true or fake.

    "I'm sending this letter to those who have
    worked alongside with me and my team. We
    have led millions of people into financial
    abundance using revolutionary financial
    business models. During the course of
    helping people make money online it becomes
    necessary to grow with technology and invent
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    The systems that I have developed have created
    millionaires from average people. Success is
    not just for the top recruiters or the already
    successful individuals. I have created my
    success by helping people make money with
    ease. During the course of business I have
    created companies, licenced concepts and sold
    organizations. In all successes there are
    obstacles to overcome and failures to learn

    As many of you are aware I sold JustBeenPaid!
    to a Group who set up
    Recently I was asked to review the current
    operations of the organization and found the
    company to have challenges that has harmed
    members and the business model I developed
    to run indefinitely.

    I am now involved in creating a solution to
    the many challenges facing Profit Clicking,
    however, while this plan is being developed
    I want to offer a temporary solution for all
    members. After selling JustBeenPaid! I had
    planned on retiring, however, my heart has
    always been aligned with helping people make
    money online. I came out of retirement to
    help build a new system known as

    After I designed JustBeenPaid! I saw it help
    millions of members financially. This type
    of growth identified some areas that needed
    improvement to help even more people find

    I advocate multiple streams of income.
    While a strategy is being developed to
    address the challenges facing Profit
    Clicking, members should apply the multiple
    streams of income concept. JustBeenPaid!
    ran with amazing success as it grew to the
    pinnacle of online moneymaking opportunities.

    Clickpaid is the system quickly overtaking
    the success of JustBeenPaid! because it's
    very simple and people can earn within 60
    seconds from the time they join.

    Some may have concerns about having an
    experience similar to what is happening in
    Profit Clicking. I need everyone to know
    these issues are a management problem not
    a system problem. My systems have run
    successfully as long as I have operated
    them. The Clickpaid owners are committed
    to making the system the future of online
    opportunities and a top notch advertising
    solution for companies to grow their

    Clickpaid is ready to commit to helping you
    develop success. I am going to help Profit
    Clicking resolve the challenges they are
    experiencing and while I support them, you
    can start making money now with
    They will start you with your first $10.00.

    Profit Clicking Members are
    being notified level by level
    about ClickPaid and its success.

    Your direct referrals will be
    notified by the Profit Clicking
    system in about three days.

    So you need to do the following now:

    1) Sign up for Click Paid using
    the URL below

    2) Then e-mail your referrals in
    Profit Clicking, providing them
    with your own Click Paid URL

    Feel free to use any text above
    to formulate your own E-mail.

    Do this BEFORE your referrals get
    the next message going out from
    Profit Clicking and sign up under
    someone else in Click Paid.

    DO IT NOW!



    Frederick Mann

    P.S. You can earn in less than 60
    seconds! Click - View - PAID!"

    1. I'm a member there but I have not made any purchase out of pocket... I don't know if I'm going to do so.
      I think it is a lie that ClickPaid is surpassing JBP...

    2. I also got same email.the subject was 'Very Time-Sensitive Message From Frederick Mann Regarding Your Account'.

    3. I have not received that email... or not yet ;P

  8. Hi Juan! I've visited today. It is quite similar to ProfitClicking. It has same payment processors.
    We don't know the fradulent activities on internet...
    But let's hope for something good!

    1. Just visited the link and it seems to me to be a parked domain...

  9. juan, what does this last update means, will we still get our ad pack balance back, as originally i put in $830, or will we wait to see, as this money i inivested in basic system in january, and as you know they took all of it... i assume best just to stay positive, and keep our heads up?

    1. Hello Aly, I don't know what is going to happen. We will have to wait and see....

    2. Hi Juan, this is Tony (NZ)
      I've been following your trail or a while now watching what's happening in PC.
      Just got an email 2hrs back from PC advising that we should all migrate to Ad Click Express...

      Not sure if that's going to resolve our problems, but if tis a way of getting some funds out of this system finally then that would be nice.

      What's your take on this?

    3. Hi there, Tony!

      Yes, I migrate my account just a few minutes ago. Is this going to help us? No idea... The only thing I can tell you now is that our basic funds cannot be used to purchase Ad packages in Ad Click Xpress... so... End of the story..., huh?

  10. I don't see how to switch to premium packs

    1. Ad Click Xpress has not activated this feature yet: they need to do the premium restart in profit Clicking first.

  11. hi juan, I am worried about my active basic ads, I used to have 138 active ads, will they be reactivated ? I have now is 200$ in basic balance. By the way I always visit you blog to see the changes, Thank you for the info!

    1. Hello Agus, I used to have over 500 active ad packages and they were all expired at once and are now gone. The money in your basic wallet is only good to purchase credits for the ad click xpress traffic exchange; no ad pack purchases nor withdrawals with that money....
      Sorry for the bad news :(