Sunday, May 26, 2013

Basic Account Withdrawals Cancelled


I logged into my account to check if there have been any other changes and ques what: 
All of my pending withdrawals I had in my basic account have been cancelled and all the money returned into my wallet. Another move without any info from Profit Clicking. I hope we get any info soon about what is going on here.


  1. I'm not surprised at all. What I am surprised about is how they continue to keep trying to sucker more people into this scam... They should just shutdown already instead of continuing to deceive people. I'm all for hopes and dreams but this just smells like shit.

  2. All withdrawals cancelled. All packages cancelled and give only $15 money. This is really very very very very bad. They have not informed anything. I hate all of them now.

  3. Hi Juan,

    3 of my withdrawals was cancelled but only one was returned to my wallet.

  4. And now we can't use the 20% from basic to buy new adpacks in premium...Great,what's coming next???...

    1. Yep... I wrote about this here: