Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frederik Man is going to help us... lol

Hi there!

I jusr read this funny email I got from Profit Clicking...:
Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, the original, so-called
"Basic System" of Profit Clicking
is in trouble... Really!!! I think no one of us has noticed that :0
, and Frederick Mann has
declared himself available to help us!

In a few days, we'll know much more,
but the one most important thing for
Profit Clicking is to have the competency
in place to run the system properly.

As Frederick said in his first meeting
with top executives of Profit Clicking,

"The basic compensation of Profit
Clicking is indeed indefinitely sustainable
as originally designed; however, if not
properly managed, the financial system
can get into trouble quickly, and all
deals are off."

Thank you very much, Frederick, because
we KNOW you ran your former JustBeenPaid
program very successfully - we're looking
forward to what you can recommend for
Profit Clicking!

So here is what we're doing next:

1) Effective immediately, all the
functionality of the so-called "Basic System"
will be blocked, allowing for extensive system
maintenance and possibly improvements to
be carried out - this includes

- buying of basic ad packages
- buying of basic panels
- buying of gift cards
- buying of accelerators
- upgrading of accounts
- withdrawing funds

Everyone will still be able to use
a portion of their basic funds to
buy Premium Ad Packages, up to 20%
per purchase - the Premium System
will NOT be affected by this much
needed system maintenance.

2) In a few days, the Basic System
will be operating again, and as far
as we are told, the Basic System will
be 100% functional again, including

- withdrawals within 24-48 hours
- increased withdrawal limits
- immediate availability to funds

Simply full functionality of all previous
components of the Basic System!

In the meantime, take full advantage of
the full-operational Premium System! Yeah... right :P
Ok... so now Freddy is going to help us out of this mess? We'll see what is going to happen ;)


  1. He is no more member of profit clicking... i do not think so he is going to help.. another trick :P

  2. i hope he is going to help US out because its really unfair for the basic system but even the premium dont even get pay now a day. its very frustrating when they promise and they dont follow it. i hope everything will turn out good soon,

  3. Here is the update of basic withdrawal system

  4. These c%nts are getting desperate now ;).

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    Thanks alots

  6. Hello Juan, did you ever receive your second withdrawl from the premium package?

  7. juan please add my blog in your Blog list i am waiting for your add my blog i also add your blog in my blog see in right side category of friends blog i am adding your blog now

    1. Please explain how do I do that.

  8. Hi Juan, I just want to tell you that I searched in, your blog. Your alexa rating is 518,073.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey Umar, thanks for the input!
      That's the best I've ever achieved ;)

      Thanks everyone for your support!!

  9. love that line "In the meantime, take full advantage of
    the full-operational Premium System!"

    you mean the one that 1 month in won't allow payments? lol someone should get them a dictionary so they can look up the definition of fully-operational... XD

    it's so great when they make spelling errors too. makes you confident it's a professional company you're dealing with XD PC is singing the trolololo song all the way to the bank!

    P.S. is there a way to be notified when someone replies to a comment you make on here?...