Sunday, May 5, 2013

Profit clicking reduces referral commissions???

Hi friends!

I've noticed lately that my Profit Clicking referral commissions have been reduced to half of whet they used to be. As an example:
If one of my level one referrals bough 2 ad packages I received $2 as a referral commission. If a level 2 referral bought 2 ad packs as well, I received $1.
But since a few days ago I've been receiving only half of that commission; means that my referral buying two ad packs only earns me $1 and a level two referral buying also two ad packs only earns me $0,50. I have not read anu update about this and I really don't know when it started to happen; I juet noticed this a few days back.
Is this also happning to you?


  1. Juan what would be your opinion to me at this time? Will you prefer to me HRS or ClickPaid? What is the minimum adpacks that we can buy? Which programme is paying?

    1. At this moment my preferred one is TriDeci. HRS is great and the admins are really working hard but they have stopped paying and will pause the program to re-launch a new version. From their last news letter I understood that this will take a few weeks.
      ClickPaid; I've not been quite involved with it lately and just this morning I decided not to put money into ClickPaid till I know when their first restart will take place. Once I know and I'm ready with money to put in I will purchase my clickpacks on the cut off date ;)

  2. Why invest on click paid if possible to happen the same thing as profit clicking was good while it last hope they pay us for the last withdrawn.