Friday, May 24, 2013

Changes in my PC Basic account

Hi freinds!

So I just wanted to start writing about the last email we got from Profit Clicking telling that it was about 48 hours till the site would be up and running again. But, I just logged into my account to find out that all of my active ad packs have been expired! All of them but 8. And my daily income went from $170/$85 per day to $1.60/$0.80 per day!! Plus I received $61 into my Ad Pack wallet. 

I'm still wondering because the almost $2K in my basic wallet are still there. Anyway we can assume that they have not finished whatever they are doing as we have not received any email to keep us informed.
As I was thinking a few days back, this is nothing but a mega huge profit shift. The questions are:
  • Is this going to help?
  • Are we going to get all those PC Panels?
We'll see...


  1. I had 490 active ad packages and now I have 4...I think it was a very huge restart...Nice...

  2. I think PC as well as many hyip program may down as Libertyreserve gone.No way LR,PC,HYIP in the biggest problem.

  3. what's going with PC, I have no active packages right now, i mean 0, zero, .... i had 199 ad packages active before

    1. That is a good question. No one knows as we are not getting any info from Profit Clicking. They told us 48 hours the 19th but today is the 25th and no update yet about what is going on... >:(

  4. Hello Juan, I just stumbled upon your blog this morning and I guess it is the best blog to keep us informed about the various tricks profitclicking has been cooking up since they took over justbeenpaid and made every thing worse. To be honest the justbeenpaid era was fun, it is unfair for profitclicking to take over and make all of us to be in sorrow.

    Now they have forcefully expired ALL my ad packs on the basic side and given me cash of just $52.

    On the premium side I invested $110 on April 6, 2013 and I decided that this time I would ensure that I get all my money out within 2 months and re-invest what ever is left so that when ever they refuse to pay I would know that I have gotten my initial $110 out and if they continue paying I would know that every payment I receive is a net profit. On May 14, 2013 I requested a premium withdrawal of $73.10 to my Liberty Reserve and it is still on queue and this morning (May 26, 2013) I requested a premium withdrawal of $50 to my Perfect Money and of course it is also on queue. I am waiting for these two withdrawals because once I receive them I know I would have received $113.26 after the deduction of the 8% charges, this would cover my initial capital of $110 and leave me a profit of $3.26. Yet I still have 45 active premium positions with daily earnings of $13.50.

    I think the best way to handle these profitclicking folks is to ensure you get your initial capital out within two months and not keep building to $4,000 daily earnings and you cant withdraw even $200.

    I would keep you all posted when my two premium withdrawals are paid.

    1. Hi!

      thanks for your post;)
      I also have a pending withdrawal in Premium since May the 4th. I put $50 into premium and currently earning a little over $11 per day.
      As I posted in my strategy I would repurchase for 5 days and withdraw the money accumulated after 2 days; this would be my weekly cycle. Till today I've been able to withdraw once from the premium account, so I got back half the money I put into Premium. But never got anything from the basic account as I wanted to reach at least $50 per day... unfortunately once I reached my goal we had the transition to Profit Clicking and afterwards no more payments :(
      Now we have to wait again to see what is going to happen with both, basic and premium accounts...

      Best of luck :)

    2. Hi Juan, shortly after my last post, I saw online that Liberty Reserve has been shut down and its founder was arrested in Spain a few days ago on suspicion of money laundering.

      I tried to enter Liberty Reserve but the page was no more opening. I quickly logged into profitclicking and I have cancelled the withdrawal request I made for $73.10 on May 14, 2013. The $73.10 has returned to my premium wallet and I have made a new premium withdrawal request of $50 to egopay and $24.10 to solid trust pay.

      I have also cancelled the withdrawal request for $120 on my basic side, the $120 has returned to my basic wallet but because of the "maintenance" going on there I cant make a fresh withdrawal request to another processor.

      I am lucky I dont have any money trapped in Liberty Reserve, I am sure thousands would not be as lucky as I am.

    3. This is lucky you!
      I don't use LR. I have an account but I don't have any money there.
      I know other busineses I'm with have recently cancelled LR as a payment processor option because of something about fake fundings and savety problems.

  5. They didn't give me any money like they did to some of you