Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New email from Profit Clicking today!

Hi there friends!

Have you read the new email Profit Clicking just send out? Here it goes:
Welcome to all our new members!

Yes, there are very exciting things
happening on the Internet, especially
in the HYIP and Gaming industry, and
Profit Clicking is surely affected
by some of them.

1) Liberty Reserve probably takes
the top spot when it comes to world
publicity, as it handled most of the
industry’s needs - we do NOT expect
Liberty Reserve to come back - see


Actually their fall might be a good
thing for members, as we have lost
about ten million dollars of member
money to them in the past year or so.

2) Also Payza has also decided to no
longer support Profit Clicking, which
also accounted for a significant portion
of our daily revenue - note that you
can use EgoPay to get around this
obstacle, but it will cost you some
fees to exchange your funds.

3) Finally, our Total ProfitShift
for the Basic System is almost
complete, as some of you might have
noticed - more about that as soon
as we know more.

History is being made and the wheels
are turning behind the scenes as
Frederick finalizes the plan for
Profit Clicking - please be patient. ---> We have been for months!

In the meantime, take full advantage of
the full-operational Premium System! ---> Yeah, right.... :P
Bla bla bla...
So once again an email that does not explain anything about what is going on at Profit Clicking :( 
As some of you already knew, Payza is going to be discontinued. Many opportunities out there are not accepting Payza anymore. 
Liberty Reserve has gone and this is a big problem due to many of the business seekers out there have been using this payment processor. Loads of money have been lost by it's members and many will have to start from scratch with another processor. Not to mention all the money lost by the business owners!
Best of luck to all!!
Fingers Crossed!!


  1. Hi! My name is Daichi, from Japan, I have joined PC for six mounth. so, I often read your this Blog, for good informaiton,

    Your blog is speedy,accurate,and Big fun,

    Don't forget for the fan of your blog to be also in Japan.


    1. Hello Diachi!
      Thanks for your post ;)
      I hope we get something out of this opportunity someday soon ;)