Sunday, May 19, 2013

Green Light system in Premium?

Hey there!

I just logged into my Profit Clicking account to purchase ky daily premium ad packs and noticed a "Green Light" button on top of my dashboard. Clicked on it and a "Coming Soon" site opened. Well... what can I say. This was obvious as we all have noticed the premium account is having problems for over a month.... I have a pending withdrawal for over two weeks now and I wonder if I will get it in those 20 days timeframe I was told.

Also it is ridiculus that our views in the basic account are being spend if we are not earning anything... why is that? They use to take our views when our account was credited with the money we earn depending on the active positions, but now it has been weeks that no money is credited and even though our views are used....


  1. They should have just left the system just been paid and none of this would have ever happend

  2. Yes thats a very good point, they are making money off our views, and we are not getting credited.. Now they talking bout Fredrick mann...smh Com'on man, i think that guy is fictional.. lol.. But i hope they fix the basic like they say they will, and be prepared for them to RAPE your hard earn wallet money, if they do fix it.. SMH these fucking guys are just getting worst and worst, they dont know how to run what once was a good thing. I feel like they are just being Greedy

  3. It is simple they got the money make us believe and then leave as any other scam company.