Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Update for May the 29th.

Hi friends!

I just read this new update from Profit Clicking:
Total ProfitShift Account Balance Adjustment

As some of you may have already noticed, basic account balances are being adjusted in order to sustain the financial health of Profit Clicking, including its ability to pay withdrawals on time and other key factors.

This is all in keeping with the plan Frederick Mann has directed management to implement as soon as possible, and is expected to last a few more days.

Please expect more adjustments over the next few days.

Thank you for your patience.

Here's To Your Success!  
Profit Clicking Support Team

Another awesome update with zero info only asking us to be patient :(
The only adjustments I've seen so far is the expiring of almost all of my active ad packages and the cancelling of all of my pending withdrawals.


  1. this is ali, i am a member of profit-clicking, i invested $830 in January, i checked my dashboard yesterday, and look like they took all my investment money, and left in my account about $55, and daily earings as 0.80/0.40, does this mean that i LOST ALL MY MONEY, or that they are still working on adjusting the amounts... BECAUSE IF THIS FINAL ADJUSTMENT they stole my money and broken their $1 dollar challenge rule, WHY ARE THEY STEALING MY MONEY FOR... or shall i wait for it to be corrected...?

    1. Hello Aly,

      I'm really sorry to read about your situation but I'm afraid that you've lost your money.
      Why did you invest into Profit Clicking? In January it was already over two month that Profit Clicking was not paying its members. Didn't you do a research before investing? Never put any money into anything before you have done some research to know that this business is paying!
      I had a few referrals in the last month and I've emailed all of them to let them know that Profit Clicking was not paying us. None of them put any money into this; good for them ;)

      All the best,

    2. hey JUAN ! I logged into my pc account and saw that after a 99% restart of ad packs .they have also cleaned 99% of my wallet. Fredrick Mann has finally scammed everyone ! just as it was expected.a big shame shame for him and his family of k9 crooks.what about you ????

  2. I also put money into premium and i did research and was paying for like a month then it stopped paying as well by the time i went to withdraw i could not daily limit reached and they said no quene and no bucket they lied once again

    1. Yes, same over here. People were able to withdraw without problems for about two month or so and then the same shit happened again with the limit reached thing. I managed to get one withdrawal and the next week I got into the queue and still waiting since May the 4th. ;(

  3. I think that this is the end of biggest scam on the internet, no one want to join after this. People come to PC to earn something and lose all investment and lot of time. Its clear that system not working and they not fulfiled promises. Now we all can ask for our 1,000,000 $ reward.

    1. The funny thing is that they keep telling in the emails that you can take advantage of the fully functional premium system and the this opportunity is indefinitely sustainable. People keep joining because I get emails about new signups!!

  4. Now I log in into my account... before I have 230$ in basic wallet, now just 2,2$ Active Ad packages: 0 !!! We must stop this, and bring that bad guys in jail. Guys, I invite you all to join in my facebook page:

    Juan, I will give you admin role, If you wish! :)

    1. 0 ad packs?? That's really unfair! And you don't even have enough money availabe to purchase at least one new ad pack....
      Hey! Thanks for your invite to the Facebook page ;)