Sunday, May 12, 2013

Upgrading the Ad Package area

Hi there!

Today I tried to purchase new basic and premium ad packages in my Profit Clicking back office but the purchase section was under maintenance.
Even though Profit Clicking is not paying I'm still purchasing new Ad Packages every day, or almost, in both basic and premium accounts.
My friend, and referral, also does the same but only for the basic account, as he didn't go for the premium. He emailed me a few days back that it has been quite a while that he has not received any daily commissions for his active ad packages. I asked him to send me a pic of his back office:
You can see he got his last combined payment  from the 13th to the 19th on April the 22nd. It is already 23 days ago!!
I checked my account and I received my last payment in my basic account May the 1st, as a combined payment for the 20th to the 28th of April. This is already 14 days ago....


  1. Juan,

    That is correct, my last DSP came through for 13-19 April 2013.

    Additionally the stored bank of ad 'views' appears to have stalled also.

    Hope this finds you well mate.

    1. Yes, my downline's views are showing 11 for ages and it doesn't go down. The views are not used as your account is not getting any money....

  2. Hi Juan, I checked today and all have my basic ads are showing expired and so have my wifes, can't get an answer from support.
    My Premium I ended up losing around 60% in the profit shift.
    I must admit I am a little concerned about basic

    1. You mean all of your basic ads have expired? But have those expired the date they had to or have those been forced to expire?

    2. Hello Paul!
      You're right; all my ad packs have been expired! Will have to write a new post about this....