Sunday, May 19, 2013

Profit Clicking Basic account Restart in sight?


I just got his email from Profit Clicking and they say that in about 48 hours the basic account will be working again and withdrawals processed in up 48 hours. Here is a part of the email:
Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, the process Frederick
has planned for the Basic System, in
order to revive it from it.s non-paying
status is already half completed!

In just another 48 hours or so, the Basic
System in Profit Clicking will be running
like new, paying all withdrawal requests
within 24-48 hours again!

Note that when Frederick is done, most
members will not have the same amount of
money available in their Basic Accounts,
but at least the money seen in your
account will be readily available to spend
or withdraw, just as to be expected - read
about the Profit Shift for more information
about what we are planning:

Also please get proficient in earning
money in the PC Panel System - that.s
where a considerable amount of your
Basic System Assets will be located
after Frederick.s plan has been

Keep in mind that before Frederick
offered to help us, the Basic System
was not paying hardly at all - a huge
disappointment for everyone.

With Frederick.s help, we.ll soon be
able to make money quickly, and
recommend Profit Clicking to others
with a good conscience again!

Here is what some people are saying:

-Do not underestimate the name and
power of Frederick Mann. Yes, he will
come to the rescue. He has the means!.

-Yep but I also remember JBP with
Frederick Mann. FM means business and
no time to waste. So let's be hopeful..

-Frederick is back! Things are looking
up people! Get ready for the next round
and things back to normal..

And now we only have a few more days
to wait for his solution!

We're very excited also!

Thank you everyone, for your patience!

As Frederick said in his first meeting
with top executives of Profit Clicking,

-The basic compensation of Profit
Clicking is indeed indefinitely sustainable
as originally designed; however, if not
properly managed, the financial system
can get into trouble quickly, and all
deals are off..

Thank you very much, Frederick, because
we KNOW you ran your former JustBeenPaid
program very successfully - looking
forward to what you can recommend for
Profit Clicking!....
Ok, so from what I can understand there will be a propably huge restart, or Profit Shift. Also note that when they "re open" the system most members will not have the same amount of money available in the basic account. I wonder what will be left from my almost $2K sitting there.... We'll see.
I'm also wondering what is going to happen to all the PC Panels that have not yet been placed; I have over 500 expired ad packs and only 7 PC Panels placed! Not to mention the ones that should have been placed due to the last restarts...
Eyes open! 8)


  1. Have not understood yet, what they are doing.

  2. Ok, suppose it'll be good for basic system. But what about Premium System (new)? Still no Advertising system has come yet!

  3. ITS A SCAM!!! lol They are going to take a big chunk, watch.. And PC panels? Dont even get me started, im surprised you even have that much.. Good luck and thank you for the blog, i appreciate the updates. Keep going and lets cross our fingers.

  4. since May 7, the system is inactive! no commissions, no possible basic and premium payments
    This is a big scam
    Hello those who have invested in this crap!

  5. well, since they said they are working on things and havnt closed the website, i still believe i'l make some money from the system

  6. Hai juan My withdrawal request for premium account was pending for 2 week, how about you ? is that have same problem or not ?

  7. just logged into profitclicking and all my ad packs expired already. went from $65 a day to .60

    1. Welcome to the club!
      I went from $170 per day ti $1,60 :0

  8. profitclicking SCAM&FAKE first joined i never paid, hard to withdraw my wallet, still maintenance and now my wallet Adjustment for Total Restart -246.72