Monday, May 27, 2013

Basic wallet not availabe in premium anymore

Hi there fellow Profit Clicking strugglers ;)

This morning I logged into my Profit Clicking account to purchase my daily premium ad pack. The difference today with all the other days before is that the option to use money from your basic wallet when purchasing the new premium ad packages is gone! Could this have something to do with the shutting down from Liberty Reserve? Of course this is just speculation ;)
I know there is a lot of people out there who used LR and most of the passive online businesses and hyips had LR as a payment option. This means a lot of money lost after the processor closed down. Not only for people using it to pay ito  businesses but also for the business owners themselves! I'm sure this will be a big problem :(


  1. yes.. it could be very big problem

  2. yes , unfortunately man !! we can pray for PC, God will give to us a miracle. I Believe.

  3. Updates!!!

    Payza widthrawal limit is now $50. Coming days, seems like payza will be removed from there list =))

    1. This is not surprising me as many opportunities have taken Payza out of their payment processor list.

  4. hello guys,
    What i am assuming from few days is that PC is not going to pay us anymore in fact i haven't get any withdrawal, my $3000 are stuck in PC. So i pray to GOD plz help us all, and Also want to ask PC plz give me my actual money back i don't need any profit from u guys :P