Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Having some ethics


Just wanted to let all the people reading this blog and posting comments know, that this is not the place to post ads about selling gift cards or Profit Clicking accounts. I don't think it is correct to try to get money for something you don't know if it is ever paying you back. If you are thinking about selling anything related to your Profit Clicking account please try to do so in a forum.

All the Best,


  1. juan what you say?
    PC is paying or not...


    1. Basic account is not paying or maybe doing selective payments. For me and many others it's impossible to get funds out of there.
      Premiums seems to be paying... I'm still waiting for my last withdrawal I requested two days ago.

    2. yes juan i read you withdrawal post
      i am also waiting for your paying post.

      Hopeful you get your payment soon.


  2. Juan,

    I've had money growing in my basic account, and I've got one question.

    How do I transfer money from my basic account into premium? I read they'll take only 20% of basic profits, but nothing has been able to transfer yet. Do you know how I can do this? Thanks.

    1. Hello Alfred.
      The only way to transfer part of your money from basic account to premium is by adding new funds to your premium wallet and purchasing premium ad packs. If you add $8 to your premium wallet and click on purchase premium ad packs you will be able to use the missing $2 from your basic wallet.
      Alfred, Think twice before adding more funds to Profit Clicking :(
      Hope this helps...

  3. hi juan
    premium is also not paying
    i made a request on 29-04-13
    still waiting for payment

    1. Yep... we have several readers here who are waiting for their money for almost two weeks in premium... :(

    2. i think PC is fully SCAM site
      if anyone waste his money invest in this site

    3. Yes, no one should put money into PC anymore.